Anne Dolores Diaz

purpose-driven ux researcher for consumer and mobile web

Here's a synopsis of some of my favorite projects.
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The six types of activists. 

Worked with Data Scientist to blend quantitative and qualitative research methodologies together to identify and define six distinct clusters of activists using across the world: 

the tenacious activist, the organized activist, the ambitious activist, the practical activist, the self-assured activist, and the private activist. 



Giving back: a mental model.

With guidance from researcher Indi Young, created a mental model focused on the experience of “giving back.” Identified four key stages to the process through remote and in-person interviews with 120 participants.  

This research provided a framework through which to refine the Causes product and brand.

Meaningful volunteering for Baby Boomers.

Interviewed members of the AARP across California to better understand the motivations and interests driving their actions during retirement. This research informed the structure and 

substance of a short training program and pilot of pro bono volunteer engagements for AARP members across the state.

Taproot Foundation

Growing nonprofit capacity with volunteers. 

Defined key elements of a “Service Enterprise” through site visits, focus groups, phone interviews, and process audits of 20 nonprofits in Los Angeles county. Used the results of this research to define ways in 

which other nonprofits could expand their capacity through the strategic use of volunteers; created a curriculum deployed by the State of California to train nonprofits.

Taproot Foundation


The next restaurant.

Over the course of one month, surveyed 600 customers of a small restaurant in east Menlo Park to help determine the market demand for a second location. This data helped  inform a full business plan,

 which was used by the business owners to raise money from an independent investor and to secure a small business loan. Today, their new restaurant is open in downtown Palo Alto.

Dualism Consulting